The first customizable Franken-Base decoration

This brooding, single color Franken-Base Decoration Skull is the first entry into our Franken-Base Customizable Decoration Collection.
You can snap it in to any of the 8 empty connector slots on your Franken-Base  Customizable Anti-Tip Accessory Base!

The Franken-System of customization

We call our new, original design the “Franken”-System.
That’s because, well… Like Frankenstein’s Monster… there’s some assembly required.
Our Franken-System uses strong, 5.5lb permanent magnets embedded above the connection slots on the base, and inside each Accessory’s  connection tab. Each magnet firmly connects the base to the magnetic accessory for confident use, but  can be moved and replaced easily to accommodate every users individual preference!

Here’s whats coming

We’re working on an entire collection of Franken-Base Customizable Decoration theme sets for
the Franken-Base PuffCo Compatible Customizable Base!!

Check back here to find out when new collections arrive!
New collections will include general themes, such as “Hearts & Flowers” and “Death”.
In addition, more specific themes like “Sea Life”, and “Pop Culture Icons”, or “Fantasy & Medieval” are on the way, as well!

We will always keep an evolving selection of decorative charms and useful accessories available for you.

Fill those empty slots with the things you need AND the things you love.



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