The Thunder X224
Magnetic Magazine Holder

The Thunder X224 Magnetic Magazine Holder is designed to keep your ammunition mags secure on your 1.5in belt, without limiting HOW you can remove and replace the magazine when using it.

What’s The Big Deal?

The companies who have been doing this for a while each have their own ways of imagining THEIR perfect product.
Unfortunately, NONE of them is THE perfect product, however.

We looked at the formed Kydex holsters, that are just bulky, limiting and impractical.
And we looked at the ones that look like The Captain’s shield buckle, and are almost as big. They work for ammo pouches, but are FAR less practical when used to carry individual magazines. And discreet? NOPE! Concealed Carriers can forget this one!
And then we looked at the ones that scratch your magazine body finish and are designed to only barely keep your magazine from falling out of your pocket, and could never keep a full single-stack mag in place at a combat run… …ever!

The Thunder X224 Magnetic Magazine Holder is the solution

We used what we learned above to form 5 broader concepts that would give us something to aim for while searching for THE perfect magnetic magazine holder:

1)     Fully Loaded Combat Run.
That’s our baseline requirement. Whatever-all it does… It needs to be able to do it at a fully loaded combat run.
If it cant do that… We gotta get back to the drawing board!

2)     Up / Down / Out
Open Carry, Duty carry and Concealed Carry all have different requirements, and on top of that, every user has their own needs & preferences.
We want you to be able to use the The Thunder X224 Magnetic Magazine Holder in every situation.
To make sure you can, we’ve designed it with an open face, so you are able to retrieve your magazine by sliding it up from the belt, for duty trained carriers, sliding it down off the belt, from under the shirt, for concealed carriers, and even just by pulling it straight away from the belt!!
That open face also means that you can stash your empties just as easily…
…All at a combat run!

3)    Single or Double – Full or empty.
You don’t have to choose the right one. The Thunder X224 Magnetic Magazine Holder is simply always the right one.
It doesn’t matter the round count. Even fully loaded, an extended double-stack stays where you put it, until you need it!

4)    Same height, same angle & same facing.
5)    Every time.
Lands the same, grabs the same.
When your equipment does its thing correctly every time, you can train your muscle memory to the point where your body remembers where it should be, without needing to think about it. That will shave important microseconds off your reload times!

Two 24lb, Neodymium magnets.

These magnets are strong.
Like… “Let’s-Have-a-Meeting-About-Safe-Magnet-Handling-in-the-Workshop” strong.

Due to their Nickel / Copper / Nickel layering, our magnets are physically 3x tougher than usual neodymium magnets. Even though they’re way less likely to break due to impact, all that metal can still mar or even scratch your mag, so we’ve covered the face of the magnet with a super tough pad that adds even more ‘tack’ to prevent vibrational slipping when holding your mag port side up (as opposed to butt side up, when the butt of the magazine will often physically stop downward slide).

We’ve mounted the magnets to the Belt clip using stainless steel screws, so there’s no adhesive to stretch or fail, and rust is no worry!

Tough PETG belt-clip, sized for 1.5in duty belts.

We’ve printed the one-piece belt clip 100% solid from hi-temp, impact resistant PETG plastic.
Its rigid enough to deal with loaded weight without deforming, and combat use without breaking, but flexible enough to deal with fast belt swapping and daily use.

Abrasion resistant, no mar, flexible PLA+  body.

The flexible body of the Thunder X224 Magnetic Magazine Holder minimizes impact from quick on / off mag placement, and it wont smudge or mar the body of your magazine.
The soft body is a separate piece, pegged and epoxy mounted to the belt clip at 6 positions. The magnets place zero stress on the epoxy or flexible material, so there’s virtually no lifetime wear.

Fits 9mm Single-Stack & Double-Stack Magazines

Whether you’ve got 8 or 12 round single-stacks, or 24 or 30 round double-stacked mags, a Thunder X224 Magnetic Magazine Holder will keep each one stable and at the ready!

Going shooting?
Bring The Thunder!!


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