You’ve never seen THIS before!

The Franken-Base – PuffCo Peak & Peak Pro Compatible 3D Printed Customizable Anti-Tip Accessory Base with 2 Storage Accessories is a completely new design, never seen before. We designed it in-house using laser-scanning tech. It is intended to address the shortcomings of the flimsy, breakable Peak bases & accessories that have been popular in the past, while adding new elements to improve the Peak vaping experience.

The Franken-System of customization

We call our new, original design the “Franken”-System.
That’s because, well… Like Frankenstein’s Monster… there’s some assembly required.
Our Franken-System uses strong, 5.5lb permanent magnets embedded above the connection slots on the base, and inside each Accessory’s  connection tab. Each magnet firmly connects the base to the magnetic accessory for confident use, but  can be moved and replaced easily to accommodate every users individual preference!

Here’s what it does

A no-tool screw-in enclosure tightly locks the Peak inside the form fitting base, keeping it steady even when holding the base upside down!
((please make sure your glass chamber is empty before doing this trick over cars, pets, or carpets.))

We’ve designed the included accessory cups to hold your dabbing fuels so you can grab them easily.

The accessory cups slide into any open connector slot in the base, giving a tight, stable joint strong enough to support the entire unit!
Place it EXACTLY where YOU want it on the base. Move it when and where you choose, or glue it into its new permanent home!

Here’s whats coming

We’re working on the lanyard hanger, hand grips and more “big deal” accessory designs, as well as charm decoration theme sets all for
the Franken-Base PuffCo Compatible Customizable Base!!
We will always keep an evolving selection of accessories and decorative charms available to help you
fill those empty pegs with the things you need AND the things you love.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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